Learning Disability Counselling

Specialized Modules for Slow Learners & Low Achievers

  • Proper Identification of Skill – after effective screening procedure
  • Pre-Learning Requisites for Writing, Reading & Arithmetic Learning
  • Remedial Teaching on the Basis of Screening Done.
  • IEP’s ( Specially designed Individualized Educational Programmes as per individual requirement of Child.

Various Techniques/ Therapies like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • “PENS POWER” Formula5-senses-VAKT
  • Improvement in Grapho – Motor Skills
  • VAKT Multisensory Approach which comprises:-
    • V – Visualize (Write)
    • A – Auditory (Loud Reading)
    • K – Kinesthetic (Movement of Reading of Expression)
    • T – Tactile (Touch Related)
  • Application of specialized Assessment Device for Children with Learning Problems
  • Speech Therapy with an application of
    • Educational Interventions
    • Phonemic Awareness
  • Training of Educational Therapy for their Academic Excellence
  • Strategic Teaching to increase “Active Mental Strength”
  • Application & Testing of Verbal & Non-Verbal Learning Disability within School Settings with the help of Authentic  Psychometric Tests & Checklists:-
    • Dyslexia Identification Test
    • Dyscalculia Test
    • LD Identification
    • Authorized Approval of LD from RCI’s Affiliated Clinical Psychologists

School of Skills