Systematic Desensitization

Systematic desensitization is a behavioral technique commonly mainly works to relieve fear, anxiety disorders and phobias. It is developed for practicing relaxation while imaging scenes of producing stimulus. Within this therapy, Therapist have to create stepwise hierarchy according to clients situation. It is a graded series of situations/scenes that client is later asked to imagine while in a state of relaxation.

This therapy aims to remove the fear response of a phobia, and substitute a relaxation response to the conditional stimulus. SD is done systematically by our expertise team by having client proceed through the list from least anxiety provoking scene most anxious one while in a deeply relaxed state. Client signals by raising a finger, if he experiences any anxiety while imaging.

For example, a very common phobia is the fear of public speaking or it is also said as Stage Fear. Some people are having hesitation while speaking in front of crowd, their legs used to tremble. Expert therapist will train client in such a way that systematically the client will overcome from his or her fear.

First, a clinician or behavioral therapist would train the client with the fear of stage fear within relaxation techniques. This is very similar to meditation. The therapist could begin by asking the client to close his eyes, sit in a comfortable position, and relax all muscles while paying close attention to breathing slowly and naturally. The goal is to get the client into a completely relaxed physical state.

The next step in the systematic desensitization process involves making a list of the things that the person identifies as fearful related to flying in order from the least to the most anxiety-provoking.

In this ways, we can use Behavior Modification and Systematic Desensitization both within:

  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Educational and Special Education
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gerontology
  • Child Management
  • Child Management
  • Sports Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Community
  • Self Management
  • Business & Industrial human services

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