“God does not want anything in return from us. He only expects us to return the “soul” with the same purity as it has blessed by him at the time of birth”

Our vision is to aspire for Quality, Holistic Education in Educational Institutions through involvement of ALL stake holders, beneficiaries. We aim to create Quality Schools where Educators are professionally committed, innovative, creative and capable of leading our students to face the challenges of Modern Society with a firm conviction in peace, harmony and global brotherhood.

School Quality & Efficiency Enhancement Programme (SQEEP) offered by us is designed to guide a School to REALIZE IT’S OPTIMUM POTENTIAL. The SQEEP is a comprehensive package for QUALITATIVE upgradation of an Educational Organisation. The SQEEP is most suitable for YOU. It begins with thorough Evaluation of an Institution to assess its present Strength and Weaknesses. This will lead us to determine the NEEDS of the Institution in consultation with the interaction with the School Management Team. The study or survey will be conducted in systematic manner by using certain designed tools ,which will result into GAP ANALYSIS. It will help us to design various Remedial Measures and additional inputs, reengineering the process in the required areas.

The School already has a VISION, MISSION STATEMENT & OBJECTIVES to strive for. We develop Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs), processes, procedures and these are all properly documented. The Road Map is thus laid. The checklists, rating scales will also be developed in advance to measure the EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS of each process. Hence constant MONITORING tools/plans are to be designed accordingly. Designed tools will also help us to measure the Parents Satisfaction Index (PSI) leading to Improved Visibility of the School.

Broadly the following Programs are suggested:

  • Admission Drive (Support Programmes)
  • Publicity ( Proof Reading Of outgoing Publicity Materials)
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Admission Policy
  • Complaint Redressal/ Handling Policy
  • Dealing With Problems Of Discipline
  • Organising Various Functions
  • Schemes Of Various Rewards And Incentives
  • Teachers’ Training Programme
  • Customised Modules For Various Pedagogy
  • Focus On Total Quality Management
  • Various Developmental Programmes For Students
  • Various ProgrammesFor Parents, Grand Parents etc.
  • Curriculum Planning And Development
  • Designing Of Instructional Materials
  • Designing Of Instructional Strategies
  • Designing Of Tools And Techniques Of Students’ And Teachers’ Evaluation
  • Remedial And Enrichment Programmes (Designing Of IEPs)
  • Induction / Orientation Of Newly Appointed Teachers
  • Various Inputs To Teachers On Contents, Methodology & Classroom Management
  • Upgradation Of Teachers’ Communication Skills
  • Identification Of Children With Special Needs (CWSN)
  • Administration Of Various Psychological Tests And Inventories to Find Out Intelligence, Interest, Aptitude, Multiple Intelligences, Career Guidance And Counselling Etc.
  • Preparation Of Various Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs)
  • Preparation Of Graded Worksheets To Improve Quality Of Students In Academics
  • Handling Of Guidance & Counselling Cell by the Expert Team OfSchool Of SkillsSM.
  • Community Outreach Activities
  • Whole Brain Development Activities
  • Behaviour Management Activities Of Students
  • Soft Skill And Personality Development Of Students
  • Competency Development Programme In Lower Classes
  • Capacity Building Programmes
  • Any Other As And When Its Required For The Quality And Quantity Enhancement.

For School of SkillsSM “School Improvement And Solutions” is not a mere set of words or alphabet, it’s an IDEOLOGY towards PERFECTION. It’s usually an attempt to revisit and revitalize Schools for an overall Improvement. Our team of Facilitators and Experts is all set to make the Paradigm Shift of Educational Institutions to come Alive with the inherent ideas of Progressive and Proactive Schools to turn into REALITY. The purpose of various training programmes designed for all stake holders is to rekindle and ignite the Passion of Individual with changing time and trend of present Indian Society. These kind of programmes not only enhance and enrich their potential but also allows them to Question, Discuss and Debate on various issues.

Our Core Team is comprised of Expert Educationalists, Curriculum Planners and Developers, Teacher Trainers, Subject Experts and Management Consultants, Psychologists, Counsellors etc.

We ensure complete client satisfaction while rendering our Services. Our Endeavour is and always will be to bring results on cards in measurable and observable manner.

“All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners… Looking for new skills, insights and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing… not moving toward excellence.”

School of Skills