Corporate Training

We are providing Interactive sessions, Workshops, and Seminars for better organizational development within corporate settings.

Some of the related areas which are taken by us include personnel management, team building, performance enhancement, interpersonal relations, specialized training for improvement of soft and life skills, Stress Management, Transactional Analysis, Anger Management and various employee assistance programs (EAP) as per the requirement of the particular corporate group.

Stress Counseling


Almost every one of us experiences stress from time to time and while a small amount of stress can motivate us and on another hand too much or prolonged stress can be proved to harmful.

At our Nidaan Centre, Stress counseling is practiced using various techniques and effective strategies, such as behavioral therapy, solution focused based therapy, CDT, CBT, etc. We also deal with Exam Stress specifically with school students.

Our expertise team of psychologists uses these techniques encourage their clients as per their individual requirements that why they react to certain situations and attempt to help them alter their responses.

Anger Management

Anger-managementAn art of anger management comes with time and patience. To control anger and its effective expression there should be an appropriate manner as it helps an individual to build better relationships, achieve one’s goals and lead a healthier and more satisfying life.

We will provide you to learn various techniques and interventions to control your excessive anger and also to express your emotions in such a way, which does not hurt or harm others within anyways.

Our team also conducts various modules regarding effective Anger Management which facilitates an individual as per their own comfort level.

Personal & Adolescent Counseling


Children require the support and guidance regarding their respective choices for their best life decisions. It is during these early stages of one’s life, that the correct nurturing is required, to shape the person up into a good and well-satisfying human being. Children have their different problem areas such as family and relationship, friendship, peer-pressure, bullying at school or in the neighborhood, child abuse / sexual abuse, emotional problems or behavioral problems regarding their different stages of adolescence.

Counseling of children depends on the child’s age, their specific difficulties, and developmental issues if there any.

Our expert counselors sometimes use:

– The means of play and art such as reading stories to encourage them to express their difficulties.
– With the help of activities, our child counselors get an insight into the unconscious mind of the child.
– By using different counseling approaches, our counselors aim to help the children in coping up with their emotions and feelings.

Hence we use many different methods like role plays, play therapy, self-diary note methods, use of drawings, toys, playing dough/Clay Modeling method, Block building, Puzzles etc to understand the child.

Relationship / Marital Counseling

school of skill's kala mohan marriage counseling

Relationship counseling is the process of counseling the parties involved in a relationship to better manage their troublesome differences. The relationship counseling involves emotional conflicts between members of a family or a couple, financial crunches work pressure within employees in a workplace, or between a professional and a client.

Our expert team carries one to one interactive sessions with clients along with various psychological approaches as per the individual requirements.

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