Psycho-Diagnostic Testing

Psychometric Tests and Assessments provided

  • B.A.T Biometric Aptitude Test. It is an exclusive finger print analysis of Inborn Multiple Intelligences which is also well known as (I M I T).
  • Online Computerized comprehensive Career Interest Assessment (C I A) based on International standards powered by Edumilestones.


For assessing Learning Disability :

  1. Verbal Learning Disability Test (VLDC) By: Dr.Vishal Sood
  2. Non-Verbal Learning Disability Test (NVLDC) By: Dr.Vishal Sood
  3. Specific LD ( Learning Disability) Screening Checklist (SLD-SQ) By: Dr.Uday K.Sinha
  4. GLAD (Grade Level Assessment Device for Children with Learning Problems in Schools) By: Jayanthi Narayan, National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secundrabad

Personality Assessment Tests :

  1. Cattel’s 16 P F Personality Factor Test
  2. Jr-Sr (HSPQ) High School Personality Questionnaire By : S.D.Kapoor, S.S.Shrivastava & G.N.P. Shrivastava
  3. Tree Drawing Test ( T D T )
  4. Tree personality Test ( T P T )
  5. Machover’s Draw a Man Test ( D.A.M )

Intelligence Test for assessing I Q level of students

  1. MISIC( Malin’s Intelligence Scale ) for Indian Children
  2. Raven’s (SPM) Standard Progressive Matrices [ Class 6th-12th]
  3. Raven’s (CPM) Colored Progressive Matrices [ Class 5th-12th]
  4. WISC (Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale for Children)
  5. Pass along test of INTELLIGENCE
  7. BKT
    • Adjustment Inventory (HSAI) High School Adjustment Inventory By: A.K.Singh & A.Sengupta
    • Interest Test Profile MFIQ ( Multi – Factor Interest Questionnaire ) By: S.D.Kapoor & R.N.Singh


Aptitude Test DBDA ( David’s Battery of Differential Abilities )
For accurate assesement of:

  1. Verbal Ability (VA)
  2. Spatial Ability (SA)
  3. Closure Ability (CA)
  4. Clerical Ability (CL)
  5. Reasoning Ability (RA)
  6. Mechanical Ability (MA)
  7. Psycho-Motor Ability (PM)

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